Strictly Law provides an unbeatable Will drafting service. A Will is globally valid and we can draft a Will for you no matter where you are in the World and it will be valid. Please contact us for more information.

Two thirds of adults in Britain die without having made a Will.  The laws of intestacy dictate that  a deceased’s estate may fall to a surviving relative or the ‘State’ where there are no living relatives. Often the deceased’s desires are not reflected when dying intestate and a person whom the deceased does not wish to benefit, more often than not, does.

A Will gives a person control of the events after his/her death and peace of mind while still living. It allows the person to dictate their wishes accurately regardless of how complicated or simple they are. These wishes may vary and relate to the care of a pet; burial or cremation instructions; distribution of anything from jewellery to clothes, paintings to crockery or businesses to property. The variations are endless and unique to the person. Nothing is too large or too small to be mentioned in a Will.

So then who should make a Will? Every person over the age of 18 years (21 years in other geographic regions). Contact us so that we can put your mind at rest.  Depending  on where you are, we can visit you in your own home or you can visit us at either of our Legal Advice Clinics.

If you are an organisation follow this link to our ‘Will Initiative’ page

Polly Jackson, Partner