Every adult needs a Will.  Contrary to the common misconception, Wills are not reserved for the wealthy alone.  With a Will, the client can rest assured that whatever they desire can be set out clearly, ensuring upon their death their wishes are carried out.  It may be that the client wishes to leave a sum of money to one or more persons, personal jewellery to another, ensure the welfare of pets, leave a note to a loved one, indicate whether to be buried or cremated, where to scatter their ashes, or simply leave a list of songs to be played at their funeral.  Whatever the client’s wishes upon their death, a Will ensures them peace of mind in knowing it will be done.

The Will is a globally recognised and valid document yet around 70% of adults in Britain today die without having made a one (Intestate). When this happens, the laws of intestacy dictate that the deceased’s estate falls to a surviving blood relative, or where there are no living relatives, the Crown. Sometimes a person does not wish their closest relative or spouse, or the Crown to benefit on their death, which will happen as a matter of course if they die intestate.

Often the deceased’s desires are not reflected if they die without leaving a Will, and a person whom the deceased does not wish to benefit, could inadvertently benefit on their death. A Will gives a person control of events that arise after their death, and peace of mind while they are still living. It allows the testator (the person who makes a Will) to dictate their wishes precisely. A testator’s wishes may include funeral wishes; care of a pet; gifts to friends and/or loved ones, or anything else they may wish carried out after their death.

Some people say, “I don’t have anything to leave.” Strictly Law believes everyone has something to bequeath, for each Will is unique to each person, and nothing is too large or too small to be included and mentioned in a Will. The testator might simply want to convey or communicate a message to someone they love after their death.

A Will guarantees that all wishes are carried out (large or small) to the letter.

So then, who should make a Will? The answer to that question is, “every adult over the age of 18 years”.

Strictly Law provides a discounted Will Drafting Service which is priced on a sliding scale according to your circumstances. We can even visit you in your own home should you desire this, or do everything by email. Please contact our Managing Partner Molly Jackson with any questions or for more information on 020 3292 1335.

Let Strictly Law put your mind at rest.

Polly Jackson BA Hons, Partner

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